Aquatic Artisans, Inc.... was incorporated in 1991 and is still the oldest company consistently licensed and insured under its original corporate charter in the Washington metropolitan area. Our sole discipline is in the construction/design and servicing of water features. As in every field there have been some new comers but, no other company has been consistently and legally in the business longer and, possesses the skills and techniques of aquaculture, plumbing hydraulics and masonry as thoroughly as Aquatic Artisans Inc.. The experiences gained by our people over the last 28 years, affords us the confidence to tackle any problem you may have and get it done correctly.

MARYLAND CORPORATION Aquatic Artisans, Inc. was incorporated in Maryland in 1991.
BONDED ‚ÄčIn accordance with the regulations of the jurisdictions in which the firm operates, coverage is provided by
National Surety Specialists, Inc..
INSURED In accordance with the regulations of the jurisdictions in which the firm operates, coverage is
provided by Erie Insurance Agency.
State of Maryland , Aquatic Artisans Inc. holds a contractors license
State of Virginia, Aquatic Artisans Inc. holds a class A and a class B. contractors license.
Aquatic Artisans, Inc.. has decades of experience in the design, construction, repair and
maintenance of garden ponds, swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls, drainage ponds, and their related systems. The firm's core business focus and particular expertise has been developed in the following areas:

Water handling systems, to include the latest technology in biological filtration using air lift, floating
bead mess and our own custom design energy-efficient pumping systems. These units represent a
significant advance in biological filtration technology. All our construction and on site design takes in
consideration you having us return to maintain your pond. So if you decide to maintain it your self you
can be rest assured it will cost you the least amount of time as possible.

Consulting with habitat design and construction. We have completed not 1 but,2 projects at the National Zoo in, our Nation's Capital. We have expertise with, aquatic plants Koi fish, amphibians and other aquatic animals.